Life credo: "Happiness enjoys the company of silence"
I was born on July 10, 1993 in Russia. I recall from a very young age wanting to perform and being fearless in front of the crowd. Later in life, it manifested in a university degree as stage director. While in university I relentlessly studied choreography and supported myself working as a go-go dancer. As soon as I got my degree and saved up some money I began to travel throughout most of Europe. All of the travels and cultures I witnessed helped me to erase the barriers I had about what is socially acceptable. I began to film adult videos in 2018 and already in 2019 was nominated for PornHub Awards. In 2020, I became the best amateur model on Pornhub. Most of you know me as an amateur actress but thanks to your support and attention I began to receive more and more offers from big, professional studios like MOFOS, Brazzers, etc. I make all my vidoes only with my partner, because I think acting should be just a stepping stone along the way. I always had my eye on a bigger picture and in 2019 opened my talent agency and began to develop my production company. And I'm proud to say that all my videos have been produced by my in-house production team through my production company that owns all the legal rights to them. I see a lot of potential in the adult industry and intend to further realize my business ideas.

Currently, I live in Estonia with my boyfriend and consider this country a perfect blend of democratic freedom and business opportunities.

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Luxury Girl